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Affordable Junk Removal

STOP paying $30-50/yard for your junk removal Atlanta when we'll gladly do it for $20/yard...

Affordable Junk Removal Atlanta:

We’re Not Trying to Make Big Money – Just Repeat Customers and a FAIR Profit


  • We have over 15 years experience with Junk Removal Atlanta

  • Our people are physically fit, neatly groomed and professional

  • We REALLY do take everything we can to charity and to recycling

  • Our 25 yards truck costs less than the Big Junk Companies 12-18 yards

  • We are a division of Affordable Craftsmen, a BBB A+ rated contractor

  • Our team can also break down, demolish, bag up & carry debris to the truck

  • We want all your home remodeling, improvement and handyman repair work!


We are Your Atlanta Junk Removal Rockstars…

Junk Removal Atlanta Pic1We love the junk and trash removal business.  It’s not complicated and everyone has junk, trash or garbage they want gone and most of us don’t have the time or energy to do it ourselves.  Heck, any sizable project requires a large truck or dumpster, not to mention how nasty it usually is loading the junk, trash or garbage.  In the winter it’s too cold, in the summer it’s too hot, don’t throw out your back or shoulder, don’t scrape your arm with a rusty piece of metal…let us handle it for you.  So Atlanta, we love getting your calls to come remove your junk, trash or garbage as it’s good for everyone…a true “win – win” situation if ever there was one.

We Take Your Trash and Junk Removal Seriously

Atlanta Junk Removal Pic2We have the right trucks, the right insurance and guys who are trained to properly and quickly handle any and all junk, trash or garbage removal projects you’ve got.  We love the feeling of accomplishment after making you happy by getting your junk out of your space.  Whether you have junk at your home or office, residential  or commercial junk, etc. we’re glad to make any junk, trash or garbage disappear for you right away.  Remember, we’re a division of an Atlanta general contractor, so we know that your home improvement, remodeling projects, major cleaning or even putting your home or business for sale can’t happen until your junk, trash and garbage are gone!

Let us start handling Your Junk and Trash Removal Needs Today…

So call our AC Junk Removal Atlanta division today at 678-882-7788 so you can get your best, most affordable options together and finally get your Atlanta junk removal project done so you can move on with what’s next!


* $20/yard with a minimum of $100